Oasis in the Sand
Dependent on Gold
Pact with the Old Ones
Attacking Nearby Hamlets

Thought to be a wasteland, no one dared to enter the Ashen Desert. Tucked away in a verdant valley, Lord Dran dared to settle the land as he knew it contained a hidden gem—a rich vein of gold. The sorceress Queen Elexa led the tribe to the vein using ancient techniques of geomancy. Establishing trade routes with nearby locales, the city-state of Dran established itself as a trading power in the region, importing wood and livestock while exporting its rich gold. A senate with the king at its head served as the local government until…

… The gold vein ran unexpectedly dry. For year Dran floundered in economic debt until Lord Dran and Queen Elexa found the answer. A pact was made with the Old Ones beneath the sand. These ancient lizard creatures had lived below the earth before even the coming of man. Every seven years, the city must provide a levy of slaves to the Old Ones. In return, the creatures bring back gold from the depths of the earth. It is unknown what the slaves are used for beneath the sands, but it must be for some dark purpose. Much of the populace knows of the dark pact, but simply turns a blind eye. Ramping up efforts to provide slaves, Dran has been continuing it’s onslaught on outlying hamlets.

Relations with other City-States

Unanswered Questions

  • How did Lord Dran know to settle the land in the desert? Did he know the gold vein was there?
  • What do the Old Ones use the slaves for? How do they mine the gold that they bring to the surface.
  • are there other secrets that the rulers of Dran learn from the Old Ones?


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