Seasonal Flooding
Hidden Hive of Powers
Fear of the Church
A Piece of the Pie
Protection to Mul Gotha
Our Dead are in Mul Gotha
Kaidon Blames Us
The Church is Spread Thin
False Willingness to Help
The Old Ones are Enemies of the Church
The Tunnels are Flooding

A city serving as a colony refugees and outcasts, located in a harsh mountainous region, has for the last few centuries, been at the brink of total collapse. But now, within an amazingly small period of time, a recently self-ordained priest and his ever-growing militant army of followers have swept through the city and established much of the populace into forming a holy isolated city. There are a few who resist but many have sworn allegiance. The priest claims benevolence for his subjects but there have been too many strange occurrences in the higher reaches of the new clergy for everyone to feel completely safe.

The new priest-king seems to be looking for something underground. The north-western quadrant of the city, plagued by unseasonably high runoff from melting mountain peaks has become a labor camp, excavating and building structures with unknown purpose. People have gone missing and turned up dead, possibly drowned. Loyalty is starting to falter but the “church” has grown strong to hold it’s regime.

Relations with other City-States

  • The excavation of the region by the priest-king and his workers has recently been blamed by Kaidon as being the cause of stirring the mountain spiders from their slumber.
  • Yevayne has recently begun offering the protection of their armed forces to Mul Gotha in exchange for Mul Gotha lending their sorcerous knowledge and battle divinations.
  • Faced with the possibility of flooded tunnels, the priest-king, learning of the zombies in Atheria, plans to take them and send them underwater. The priest-king will try and collect them from the above-ground populace without bringing in the lizard men or letting his intentions be known.
  • The Old Ones of Dran have run afoul of the priest-kings slaves during their excavations and a skirmish has begun beneath the earth. So far, things have not progressed beyond a few initial clashes, but tension is mounting.

Unanswered Questions

  • Why does Yevayne need the divinations of Mul Gotha?
  • What is causing the abnormal runoff of water in the mountains?
  • Who is the Priest-King and what “treasure” is he looking for?
  • Why are people disappearing in the wake of excavations in the western quadrant?
  • What caused the near collapse of Yevayne before the priest-king took power?
  • Many outside powers are using Yevayne as a base of operation. Who are they and why do they use Yevayne as a base?

Initial concepts conceived by James


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